SXSW is an exciting time of year for everyone in the music, film, interactive, and fashion industries. It’s when people from around the world get a sneak peak into what’s up and coming for the next year. It’s a chance for attendees to be hands-on, front and center, and in the thick of all the action. At the Sanctuary, we relish this time of year and want to assist others to make their own unique statements during the upcoming conference.

The 2012 festival is 10 days away and the most important question is: Are you ready? 

The Sanctuary is here to help. With many years of valuable SXSW marketing know-how, Sanctuary’s got the home court advantage to help make your company’s experience during the always chaotic SXSW a positive one. When it comes to SXSW marketing, we have seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. With various options, there’s a plan as unique and individual as you.

Branding at SXSW can entail the basics of marketing collateral:  pens, koozies, stickers, business cards, buttons, and totes. Here’s a suggestion (the first one is free): during SXSW people only hold onto what they can carry. Big things like posters, bags, hats and even t-shirts may not be as popular as the aforementioned products.

Perhaps your company wants to be seen in a big way during the event? Sanctuary can help hit your mark with our signature El Camino which will print t-shirts on-demand and right into your attendees hands! Sanctuary also creates building art, murals, taxi advertisements, environmentally friendly graffiti, and artistic lighting design concepts.

Nothing is too big or too small, the only issue: is there enough time? So, contact the Sanctuary ASAP.